Monday, April 8, 2013

Land And Sea, Contemporary Abstract Landscapes and Seascapes by Janet Bludau

12" x 24"
Oil on Thick Gallery Wrapped Canvas

This painting started out with a solid layer of red paint.
From there, I did a simple drawing with very light, thin paint.
I mixed a few colors I thought I might like to use on my palette.
I then started with brushwork but still staying thin with my paint, being careful not to cover up all of my red undercoat.  After I was happy with my colors on the canvas, I went back in with thicker paint with my brushes and palette knives.  Again, being careful not to cover up all my red beneath.  Lastly, I did some scraping with the side of my knife in the foreground which gives us more grass like shapes and again, more undercoat to show through.

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