Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Coast Palette Knife Abstract Contemporary Seascape by California Artist Janet Bludau

8" x 16"
Oil on Gallery Wrapped Canvas

There are so many times that it is difficult to know when you are finished with a painting.
This one was so effortless and I honestly think that is when you create your best work.
I stepped back from my easel when I was thinking I was finished and thought that this piece is one of my favorites I have ever painted.  You may be thinking, "wow, poor thing!"
You have to like abstraction of course.  
I brought it in to my husband who is quite conservative in his art taste (everything else for that matter!)
He is also brutally honest with his criticism.  I turned the painting around slowly and prepared myself.
He said, "I think this is one of your best paintings!  It reminds me of the coast of Carmel."
So there you have it - for whatever its worth - the Bludaus like this one :)
Paint is applied thickly with spots of red undercoat showing through.
Thanks for viewing / listening.....................

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