Wednesday, July 6, 2011


6" x 6"
oil on board
Looks wonderful in a wooden floater frame - email me for a photo
This painting evolved as so many of my paintings do.  I start out maybe with a photo that I have taken.  Pretty soon I have eliminated a portion of it,  added a tree or two,  changed most of the colors and then I think, "who needs this photo anyway?"  This painting could be representative of so many different places.  Each person viewing it could probably come up with a location it reminds them of.  To me, it is view from the home where I lived on Maui.  Beyond the fence you see here (which really was a stone wall with a little gate) was a lower pasture where a friend kept his horse.  The horse was wonderful at keeping the grass down some.  Most of the time you really needed to wear your "wellies" if you were going to stray off the path, as the grass was high and ground uneven.  There were several huge avocado trees in the pasture and in the spring we had sweet peas (low growing kind) growing wild - more than you could ever want.
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