Sunday, March 10, 2013

Collector Art Shop, Berkeley, Reception

I have been out of town and therefore no posting.  I always think I am going to have plenty of time for my computer duties while on the road but it is rare.  There are photos to take and friends to see and new places to check out.........  First stop was Santa Barbara for a 3 day anniversary celebration and some relaxation.  We then headed up 101 through the beautiful central coast wine areas, ending up in Kensington at Amy and Hugh's.  This was to be our home for the next 2 nights.  I am probably 5 pounds heavier because of their wonderful cooking and our one pizza night.  We couldn't just get pizza from one shop, we had to bring in several for a tasting dinner.  I reconnected with one of my best friends in Berkeley who I haven't seen in years and she took a box of my small 6" paintings that she is just sure she will find homes for!  The opening reception at Collector Art Shop was on Friday evening. Shown here is one group of my work.  They also had me represented in the front window and several other places in the gallery.  It was a great evening of old friends, local art lovers to meet, music and wine.  The trip was topped off with a wonderful visit with my husband's son's family - very fun.

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  1. Hi Janet, It was fun to meet you at the Collector's reception, awhile ago! Just stopped in there today, and saw some of your work, and was reminded that I wanted to see your website, and/or blog. So, here I am, enjoying viewing your paintings! All gorgeous!