Saturday, January 12, 2013

"Provence Lavender" Small Abstract Landscape by Janet Bludau

6" x 6"
Oil on Archival Panel
$75 with a complimentary easel
$125 framed in a contemporary floater frame
Another small 6 x 6!  Whenever the Randy Higbee 6" Squared Juried Show is announced I start painting these small paintings.  I finished about 10 of them this time around.  My next step is to decide which ones are my favorites.  You can send 3 images for consideration.  Then you remain hopeful that you will be excepted!  More than 1 piece juried into the show is very exciting and 2 of mine were excepted!  "Provence Lavender" was not sent in to be considered even though it was one of my favorites and also chosen as a favorite by several friends, family members and fellow painters.  I forgot to mention that during this "home judging" period, I ask anyone and everyone who comes into my house, to choose their top 3.  Its gets pretty old when I start eliminating and re-asking my visitors.
Hopefully you are still with me here.........  The reason I did not send in the "Provence Lavender" is that I thought the judges would be looking for value changes, along with other "painterly techniques."  This basically means that there are much darker and much lighter areas in the painting.  If you notice, this painting lacks that - it is more "tonal."

I am drawn to tonal paintings........  Enough are yawning now..........


  1. Just came across your blog today.....will be watching

    1. Thank you Karin! I am wanting to become more and more abstract. I saw one piece of your
      art and read what you had to say about your work. Have you taken "abstract workshops" that
      you have thought you really benefitted from? If yes, please let me know the names... I am searching for one to take.