Tuesday, November 27, 2012

"A Bowl Full" Abstract, Modern Still Life of Fruit - Janet Bludau

20" x 20"
Oil on Gallery Wrapped Canvas
This is one of those pieces I really enjoyed painting.  There were virtually no struggles with it.  I had the usual decisions to make of course.  After the bowl was painted blue I thought, "No, wrong color."
I knew that changing it at that point could be a mistake though.  I still had other parts of the painting that had to be worked on, including some color tweaking.  I instead, worked on these areas.
As sometimes happens,  my "wrong" blue became a "right" blue.  Dana Cooper calls this the Push And Pull of painting.  Working on one area changes the look of another.  You have to keep pushing and pulling until the painting as a whole works.

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  1. And this one works Janet...thanks for the shout out!