Friday, June 15, 2012

"Abstract Umbrella Pals" Oil Painting by Janet Bludau

9" x 12"
Oil on Gallery Wrapped Canvas

This piece was already to be packed up for Art In The Park tomorrow and then I noticed that I had red oil paint all over my thumb.  Definitely not dry enough!  Oh well...........
I have way too much I am bringing anyway.  
I am anticipating a nice day in the park with familiar faces strolling by every once in a while but certainly not an art buying frenzy.  I don't think we will have serious art collectors driving in from LA to get first dibs :)  This morning it was like winter here in beautiful Newport Beach.  The streets were wet with drizzle.  Let's just hope we are a bit drier tomorrow.  So wish us all a dry day with, hey, maybe a sale or two at our local, neighborhood art sale in the park.


  1. So good to see you Thursday. Wish you good weather and great sales to go along with a wonderful day tomorrow. It is always the red paint or thalo that appears on our hands and clothes isn't it.

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