Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Spring Canyon 1 & 2 Abstract Contemporary Palette Knife Diptych Landscapes by California Janet Bludau

20" x 20"
Oil on Gallery Wrapped Canvas
$400 Each
at Chemers Gallery in Tustin CA.

There are times when one canvas just isn't enough.  Sometimes a painter comes across a landscape scene that is so stunning,  you just need more.
These two paintings were created for the Scenes of Tustin show.  They can stand alone or hang side by side with the bottom one to the left of the top one.  It isn't possible on this site to show them side by side I don't think but you can always email me for an image showing this.
I didn't start out planning on doing a diptych.  I wanted to paint two Tustin (a city in California) landscapes and I wanted to paint them at the same time.  I started using the same photo on each of them - a shot I had taken with my sister, who lives in this area.  Soon, I saw that the two were lining up somewhat and it was then that I made the decision.  I would then work on one while the other was off to the side and then when I would put them together again I would laugh at how I had goofed.  After way too may goofs, it wasn't funny anymore...
So, after many adjustments, I think I've got it.
Go check out the Scenes of Tustin Show - the reception is at Chemers Gallery in Tustin Ca 
April 28th 5:30 - 8pm

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