Sunday, April 10, 2011

Upcountry Pool

6 x 6 Oil on canvas panel.  "Upcountry" is the upcountry part of Maui where the temperatures are lower, the flowers and produce is grown and the cows graze.  It is where I lived during one phase of my life.
Ah....... the phases.........
This painting was done a few months ago.  It probably is my personal favorite (or within a few) of the 6 x 6's that I have done.  I entered it into the Randy Higbee 6" squared show but it was rejected, with 2 others chosen instead.  It's interesting to see which paintings make it into a show, which paintings win awards, which ones you gather the most comments on and which ones you personally favor.  I am so drawn to works with strong lines.  I love very abstract paintings of crops for example -  rows of grape vines or miles of agricultural land sectioned off in wonderful shapes.
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  1. Strong painting Janet. I am always amazed at what gets in and what doesn't. I have gotten to where I ask friends to help me decide because I just don't know what to select. Go figure!
    Hey love all your work that I see here. Your DPW's road is really nice. I missed it on the site. Glad I came over for a visit. d

  2. I like strong paintings too. This one and the orange landscape are VERY appealing to me.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. Janet,
    There is something Diebenkornesque about this piece. I like it.