Thursday, March 3, 2011

Paris Seine and Eiffel in the Clouds

On to a new place - Paris!  My friend Julie snapped this shot on her most recent trip to Paris.  In the foreground, posing on the bridge were several very happy looking women that I unfortunately had to leave out of my painting.  I think they need a painting of just them, they were having so much fun!  Doesn't every woman dream of traveling to Paris with your best girlfriends for a week of shopping, eating and laughing?  I liked this view so much I painted it in a 6 x 6 and also in an 8 x 8.


  1. Lovely scene here Janet...and count me in for that trip!

  2. too! I wanna go! who can resist painting the Eiffel tour...? not me. See you soon, i hope.