Sunday, February 27, 2011

Second Newport Back Bay

Here is the second out of three.  Used the same palette and same combo of brush strokes and palette knife.  More knife than brush though.  Size is 6x6 on canvas board.  The colors of the Back Bay are constantly changing.  Every walk I take that I don't have my camera I am of course thinking, "Why don't I have my camera!?"
I am so anxious to get back to painting.  NOT that the last week hasn't been fabulous!  I have been on a week sabbatical with family visitors - they may be reading this :)  It has been a week of PB&J's, trips to the park, endless games of Go Fish, a picnic on the beach, hunting for bugs in the garden (ladybug on the dining room table as I type this).  We have gone through 3 family size boxes of Cheerios, worn 3D glasses at the Justin Bieber movie and been introduced to games you can play on Facebook.  I think I may be signed up for Tiki Resort, PetVille and Sorority Life if anyone wants to join in.

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